"The Mirror" – a weightless look in the mirror

"The Mirror" – a weightless look in the mirror

The acclaimed Australian circus company Gravity & Other Myths returns to Berlin with a world premiere to be watched at the Chamäleon Theater starting August 17.

Gravity is a myth – that is the working hypothesis of the experimental troupe Gravity & Other Myths (GOM). It explores not only physical boundaries, but also those of the genre, with a fascinating mix of acrobatics, sound, dance and theater. Founded in 2009, Gravity & Other Myths has since toured 37 countries with a series of successful shows and is considered one of the world's best circus companies. Acrobatics certainly originated in the circus. But what the Australians do is actually better described as "body theater." In 2019, they already thrilled the Berlin audience with Out Of Chaos. Now GOM is coming back to the stage at the Chamäleon Theater. In August, their new show The Mirror will have its world premiere there.

Dancer is lifted up during a performance

The art of loving yourself 

With The Mirror, the company has set its sights high. With this piece, the acrobats say, they are taking on their biggest challenge yet, both physically and conceptually. Together with director Darcy Grant, the artists explore the theme of self-love. For acrobats, looking in the mirror, looking at their own bodies, is part of their profession. The body as a means of expression has to deliver maximum performance. "Being an acrobat means being hurt. You're always managing your own injuries. You can't do it without," Darcy once revealed in an interview.

In The Mirror, Grant says he wants to tell a story "about hedonism and body positivity – about the art of loving yourself without destroying yourself or others." How much does our self-love depend on how we are perceived by others? How far are we willing to go to please others? What makes us unique? These are questions that inspired the creative process.

Photo right: Director Darcy-Grant

Director Darcy-Grant

Companies in Residence 

Chamäleon Theater is not only the site of the world premiere, but is also co-producing the play. Gravity & Other Myths will be the second company in residence at Chamäleon between August and December 2022 as part of the "A Company in Residence" format. 

After The Mirror, Gravity & Other Myths plans to present Berlin audiences with another revival of its award-winning production Out of Chaos in November and December. If you caught fire with The Mirror, you can marvel at the world-class acrobats in another piece shortly thereafter. 

Dancer is lifted up during a performance
Still image of a group performance