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  • The Hackesche Höfe are the biggest single cluster of courtyards in Europe and have been listed since 1977 as a building of special interest. They accommodate about 38 shops, restaurants and arts venues, 103 homes and 12 offices. They attract about 1.8 million visitors a year.

  • The Hackesche Höfe are accessible to the public from 7am until 11pm. The shops and businesses have their own opening times. 

  • The shops, restaurants and arts venues set their own opening times. The hours are not the same for all businesses in the Hackesche Höfe. Please check their websites to find out when they are open.

  • The courtyards themselves have disabled access, but many of the shops and arts venues can only be reached via steps. If you want to visit a specific shop or business, please check its website first or phone to ask.

  • Yes, everyone is welcome in the Hackesche Höfe. Courtyard 5 has a big sand pit for small children.

  • Yes, dogs are allowed into the Hackesche Höfe, but they can’t come into the shops. Please note that the water in the fountain is not for drinking.

  • The Hackesche Höfe do not have their own car park. As there is not much parking space in the city centre, we recommend using public transport. 

  • S-Bahn station: Hackescher Markt

    U-Bahn station: Weinmeisterstrasse / line U8

    Bus stop: Hackescher Markt / no. 384

    Tram stop: Hackescher Markt / nos. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 13 / 15 / 53

    Night bus stop: Hackescher Markt / nos. N5 / N8 / N52 / N58