Golem Baukeramik

Wall and floor tiles made by traditional methods using patterns from the Gründerzeit, Jugendstil and Art Déco

Courtyard 6

GOLEM ceramics at Hackesche Höfe

Around 1900, Jugendstil artists enriched the domestic world by a welter of motifs. Water lilies, vine leaves, graceful women and flowers adorned staircases, and the same motifs shimmered on wall tiles in glazed bas-relief. These design elements, long confined to oblivion, are now a firm feature of the ceramic tiles made by GOLEM for artistic and architectural settings. The Brandenburg-based company, which specialises in restoration, works with original Jugendstil designs and techniques. That is unique in Europe. 

It could hardly be more appropriate, because these ceramic reproductions from GOLEM were used to restore the Hackesche Höfe. The GOLEM shop in its historical masonry now sells wall and floor tiles from the turn of the last century to decorate kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. All these products are made according to the proven rules of the craft.

Tiled wall with blue tiles from Golem
Tiles in different colors and with different patterns
Unfinished tile in the manufacture of Golem


A guest at Golem

Sales Manager Tobias Klaus talks about the Golem brand