Coy Berlin

Bespoke headgear from the Berlin hat salon at Coy – art to wear

Courtyard 8

Custom made items and unique pieces in stock

This wonderful store in the Hackesche Höfe is home to hat designer Cornelia Plotzki, known as Coy. Her headwear is art. Her approach to shape and colour, casting aside the conventional outlines of contemporary designs, is a joyous expression of the Zeitgeist. From caps to fascinators – hats are in again.

This charming hat salon can create fashionable headwear made to measure and personalised, but also has an abundant selection of unique products already in stock. All these items share something in common: every one of Coy’s hats is made in her courtyard studio in the Hackesche Höfe. Apart from designs for festive occasions, there is a wide choice of everyday hats and caps for men and women alike. 

Hat designer Cornelia Plotzki brushes a red hat during production
Headdress in purple and pink
An antique sewing machine in the studio of the hat salon


A guest at Coy

Cornelia Plotzki from the Coy hat manufactory speaks about her shop