Chamäleon Theater

There is nothing like the Chamäleon in the world of German theatre. Its contemporary circus is unparalleled

Courtyard 1

Innovative entertainment formats

This variety theatre under private management is the heart of Berlin’s New Circus. Shows take place in the historical ballroom, which was completely modernised in 2004 and restored to its original design. Every theatre season brings ground-breaking premieres performed by celebrated companies. In recent years, the theatre has expanded its reputation far beyond Berlin.

The Chamäleon Theater stages innovative entertainment formats with artistes from all over the world and directors of international renown. Acrobatics, dance or acting: the theater transcends beyond the boundaries of classical variety, encouraging new styles that weave between the genres. Against the backdrop of the historical ballroom in the Hackesche Höfe in the middle of Berlin, audiences are captivated by these spectacular performances. 

Acrobat with red hair and black dress
Interior of the theater hall


A guest at the Chamäleon Theater

Managing Director Hendrik Frobel talks about the Chamäleon Theatre and Hackesche Höfe