Restaurant Hackescher Hof

This restaurant is the perfect place to relax: in-house patisserie, a versatile menu and an excellent wine list, all in a stylish contemporary setting embellished by historical details

Courtyard 1

Dine tastefully in Endell’s historical ballroom

Dinner at the Hackescher Hof echoes the traditions of Berlin’s famous coffee houses and hall restaurants. The centrepiece is Endell’s historical ballroom with its original coffered ceiling, a testimony to Jugendstil, Berlin’s version of Art Déco. The Hackescher Hof opened in 1907 as Neumann’s Wine Restaurant and for many years it was the hub of dance, theatre and gala events in the Hackesche Höfe. The fame of the Jugendstil façades and interior decoration by August Endell spread around the world. Hundreds of filament light bulbs and the Art Déco lamps provide festive illumination and the promise of an incomparable experience.

The restaurant reopened in 1996 after the Hackesche Höfe underwent restoration. The brightly lit coffered ceiling and the windows that sank beneath the floor were revealed in their former splendour and parts of the original interior design were recreated. Today, the restaurant brings the foundation story of the Hackesche Höfe back to life – at any time of day or night.

Dessert in a glass
Interior of the restaurant with table set
Interior view of the restaurant with white covered tables