2G rules apply in the Hackesche Höfe

Young woman with mask looks at camera

Berlin’s current coronavirus rules are designed to make shopping safe

Since Saturday, 27 November 2021, the 2G rule has applied in Berlin’s retail outlets, and that includes the shops in the Hackesche Höfe. In other words, most shops in Berlin only admit people who have been vaccinated against or have recovered from Covid-19. Moreover, the duty to wear a mask remains in force, too. This 2G rule also applies in restaurants, cinemas, theatres, museums, galleries and concert halls. In restaurants, guests must put on a surgical mask whenever they leave their seats. 

Christmas markets are currently able to operate if 2G rules are upheld and masks are worn.

What does 2G mean?

2G is a German abbreviation. It means that people are only admitted if they have been fully vaccinated or are registered as having recovered from Covid-19. Evidence of the vaccinations or recovery must be verifiable by digital means. These include the Corona-Warn app provided by the German government or the CovPass app provided by the Robert Koch Institute, but also print-outs of QR codes. 

Young people under 18 can take part in 2G events and enter 2G establishments if they can show a negative test. People who cannot be vaccinated on medical grounds and can prove this by showing a medical certificate or pregnancy pass will be able in future to benefit from 2G situations, but they must show a negative PCR test.