Levy's Contor

Weird stuff, forgotten stuff, long-sought stuff – Levy’s Contor is a treasure chest full of toys, children’s books, brass lamps, judaica, whatever...

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Selected judaistic items

Levy’s Contor is not simply a toy shop, but a time travel archive that contains the most extraordinary things. Wooden building blocks, Anchor Stone blocks, steam engines of all kinds, amazing tin figures, chess sets, backgammon, wooden animals from Ostheimer, teddy bears from Steiff, dolls by Käthe Kruse and some very special children’s books. There are things waiting to be discovered here that some of us have probably been looking for since childhood. 

Apart from selected toys and wonderful children’s books, Go sets are a speciality here. Levy’s Contor has the biggest range in Berlin of items associated with the ancient game: Go boards and tables, Go stones made of different materials, and lots and lots of books on the subject. Then there are the brass lamps of various forms made in Berlin. And finally Levy’s Contor boasts a selection of judaica, i.e. objects with a general Jewish connection or sometimes a specific Berlin Jewish connection. Levy’s Contor was founded in 1997 by its owner Jakob Levy. The shop has been in the Hackesche Höfe since 2005.

Finely crafted toy hot air balloon made of various materials
Toy airplane made of various materials


A guest at Levy's Contor

Jakob Levy talks about his store Levy's Contor