Formost Berlin

Whether inspired by the Werkbund, Jugendstil or the Bauhaus, FORMOST fosters the “good ware” spirit, combining design with contemporary craft

Courtyard 8

Designer products with tradition

FORMOST started out in 2005 as a specialised dealer in high-class regional products with a long tradition. From that original business with classic design products, it evolved into a platform bringing together internationally outstanding designers and brands under one roof.

FORMOST is primarily on the look-out for quality and “good goods”. Goods which craftsmanships are worth preserving and their design and usage are worth keeping beyond generations. If a thing has a long tradition and is still being produced, that in itself suggests that the solution is timeless. FORMOST will then explore the setting and ideas that gave birth to the product and tell its story, just as it likes to tell the stories of the people behind it.

Mood with boxes and products
Fabric glasses cover with Bauhaus pattern
Sneakers of the brand Zeha at Formost


A guest at formost

Founder Matthias Kanter talks about the formost brand