Canal Berlin

The ice cream parlour is run by Daniella Barriobero and Guadalupe Eichner, who also have a passion for hand-made éclairs

Courtyard 1

Carefully selected ingredients

Twice a year CANAL BERLIN changes its display. In autumn and winter, summer delights are edged out by beautifully decorated, delicious éclairs from the in-house patisserie. From spring onwards, CANAL BERLIN resumes its supply of rich ice cream in many irresistible varieties – from hazelnut flavour with a sprinkling of chocolate-coated Piemonte nuts or white chocolate with macadamia splits to chunky peanut.

The patisserie wizards behind CANAL BERLIN are Daniella Barriobero Canal – hence the name – and Guadalupe Eichner. The two South Americans created their CANAL brand to push back the boundaries of edible artistry. The ingredients are carefully chosen, often from local or small suppliers and always of supreme quality. 

Interior of the store
Pistati ice cream in cup with wafers
Finely decorated eclairs from Canal Berlin


A guest at Canal Berlin

Lupe from Canal Berlin talks about the shop concept and Hackesche Höfe