Aseli originated in Berlin, where they have been making those inimitable giant mice and lots of other tasty marshmallow shapes since 1921

Courtyard 4

Berliner Mäuse seit 1921

The Aseli boutique in the Hackesche Höfe has been the mouse-maker’s flagship since 2017 – pure paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth. The hearts of children and adults beat faster at the sight of these peerless giant mice, not to mention all the other marshmallow figures. The Berlin team decorate their creations by hand with loving attention to detail.

Traditional recipes

The marshmallow is still made from a traditional recipe devised by the company’s founder – cooked, piped and packed by hand. The technique, the fluffy consistency and the love of detail – and of course those delicious flavours – make Aseli’s marshmallow figures unique.

Illustration of man with mouse


Guest at Aseli

Karin from Aseli talks about the store concept and Hackesche Höfe